Why choose something generic to remember your Unique loved ones?

A Take Me Home Tombstone offers a unique memorial choice that replaces urns and ash scatterings because every Take Me Home Tombstone is made combining the cremated remains in a mix to create each uniquely designed home/yard decoration or memorial representing the loved one which ashes were included in the making. The reasons for choosing a Take Me Home Tombstone as a final memorial are as varied as the individuals and families making the choice. A Take Me Home Tombstone is nothing like a Graveyard Tombstone; a Take Me Home Tombstone can either look like a memorial for all to know OR it can be a home/yard decoration designed for only YOU to know it’s a memorial; and best of all, a Take Me Home Tombstone is always with you and your family for generations.

Instead of putting ashes into an urn, we mix the remains to create tombstones, statues, and other memorials you can have inside your home or out in your yard. To know more about our services, send us an email or give us a call today.

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